Pinellas County School Board
Regular School Board Meeting
2/21/2012 5:30 PM
School Administration Building
301 Fourth Street SW   Largo, FL 33770
Presentations From the Public
I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation
1. Reverend Manuel Sykes, Bethel Community Baptist Church, 2901 54th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712
III. Pledge of Allegiance
A. National Anthem
B. Centennial Moments: Black History Month
IV. Introduction of Professional and Community Organization Reps
A. Melanie Marquez, Public Information Officer
V. Presentation by Student Rights and Responsibilities - Dunedin High School
VI. Public Comments
VII. Adoption of Agenda
VIII. Special Order Agenda
1. Young Heroes Student Award Winners for First Semester 2011-12, Presented by Sharon McNeal, Coordinator Communications & Marketing, Office of Strategic PartnershipsComment
2. Presentation of Pinellas County Schools 2011-2012 Outstanding School Volunteers, Presented by Dr. Valerie Brimm, Director, Office of Strategic PartnershipsComment
3. Recognition of the Pinellas County Schools' Support Employee of the Year and Category Finalists and Semifinalists for 2011-2012 Presented by Ron Ciranna, Assistant Superintendent, Human ResourcesComment
4. Recognition of Finalists and Semifinalists for 2011-2012 Outstanding Educator Recognition Program, Presented by Ron Ciranna, Assistant Superintendent, Human ResourcesComment
5. Presentation by the Pinellas Education Foundation, Presented by Mr. Terry Boehm, PresidentComment
6. Recognition of Healthy Schools Program Award Recipients, Presented By, Peggy Johns, Supervisor, Pre K-12 Health Education and Megan Caldwell, Relationship Manager, Florida, Alliance for a Healthier GenerationComment
7. The Following Persons Have Been Appointed to the Administrative Positions Listed Below and Will be Introduced Dr. Solomon Lowery, Acting Principal, Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle Leigh Owens, Acting Principal, Bardmoor Elementary Donna Winchester, Director of Strategic CommunicationsComment
IX. Unfinished Business
1. Additional Public Comments to Consent Items
X. Consent
1. Approval of Minutes: to Approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 7, 2012Comment
a. Minutes Regular Meeting 2-7-12
2. Request Approval of Personnel RecommendationsComment
a. Feb 21 2012 FINAL HR Board Agenda Sets A & B
3. Request Approval of Summer Technology Integration Institute AgreementComment
a. Summer Institute Agreement
4. Request Approval of the Health Agreement Between Manor Care of Palm Harbor FL, LLC Dba Manor Care Health Services Palm Harbor and the School Board of Pinellas CountyComment
a. Manor Care Health Agreement 022112
5. Request Approval of the Investment Portfolio Financial Statements for the Quarter Ended September 30, 2011Comment
a. Quarterly Investment Report September, 2011
6. Request Approval of the Following Special Projects:Comment
a. A PREP Lease 2012
b. B Charter School Grant Windsor School
c. C Charter School Grant Pepin Academy
d. D Charter School Grant Pinellas Primary Academy
7. Request Approval of Hiring IT ContractorComment
8. Request Approval of the Acquisition of a Vacant Commercial Lot Known as Lot 5, Chadwick’s Resub. for Expansion of the Tomlinson Adult Education Center Site to Facilitate Future Expansion of the Parking LotComment
a. Tomlinson Exhibit
9. Request Approval of the Agreement with the R’Club Child Care, Inc. for Renewal of the Extended Care ProgramComment
a. R'Club -
10. Agreement with YMCA - Greater St. PeteComment
a. YMCA St Pete
11. Request Approval of the Agreement with the YMCA of the Suncoast for Renewal of the Extended Care ProgramComment
a. YMCA Suncoast
12. Request Approval of Vehicle Use Agreements to Non-Profit Organizations for a Period of One YearComment
a. Palm Harbor Montessori Academy VUA
b. R-Club Child Care VUA
13. Request Approval of Reimbursement of Isolated Transportation for J.W. During the 2011/2012 School YearComment
14. Request Approval of the Disposition of the District’s Surplus Equipment through Interschola Internet Auction ServiceComment
a. Food Service Surplus
15. Request Approval of Bids to Vendors at Prices in Bid Documents in Accordance with Bid Policies and StatutesComment
a. Bids 2-21-12
XI. Nonconsent
1. Request Approval of the Five-Year Charter Contract for MYcroSchoolComment
a. MYcroSchool Pinellas FINAL Application Evaluation 10-29-10
b. MYcroSchool_Pinellas_Response_to_Concerns_Oct_2011FINAL
c. MyCroSchool Agreement 022112
2. Modify Minimum and Preferred Qualifications in Current Job Description for the Position of Administrator, Office of Professional Standards
XII. New Business
A. Items Introduced by Superintendent
B. Items Introduced by General Counsel
C. Items Introduced by the Board
D. Review of Board Requests
E. School Board Meeting Evaluation
XIII. Adjournment
Presentations From the Public

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