Pinellas County School Board
Regular School Board Meeting
5/7/2013 10:30 AM
School Administration Building
301 Fourth Street SW   Largo, FL 33770
Public Comments
1. Pam Settle
2. Dr. Chrisoula Kiriazis
3. Tanya Lewis
4. Mark Klutho
I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Teacher Appreciation Proclamation
III. Amendments to the Agenda
IV. Invocation
1. Lieutenant Colonel Tom Jones, Salvation Army Church, 1625 N. Belcher Rd., Clearwater, 33765
V. Pledge of Allegiance
A. National Anthem
B. Video: Using Their Imaginations: How PCS Elementary Students Are Learning Reading Comprehension from a Talking Dog
VI. Introduction of Professional and Community Organization Reps
A. Melanie Marquez Parra - Public Information Officer
VII. Presentation by Student Rights and Responsibilities
A. Seminole High School
VIII. Public Comments on Agenda Items
1. Mark Klutho
IX. Adoption of Agenda
X. Special Order Agenda
XI. Unfinished Business
XII. Consent
1. Approval of Minutes: to Approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 23, 2013; And, the Workshop/Joint Meeting of April 16, 2013Comment
a. Regular Meeting 4-23-13
b. w Jt Meeting JWB, BCC 13Apr16
2. Request Approval of Personnel RecommendationsComment
a. May 7 FINAL HR Board Agenda Sets A & B
3. Request Approval of the Following Special Projects:Comment
a. A Title I, Part D neg and del 050713
b. B Lindamood-Bell amendment 050713
4. Request Approval of Agreement Between the School Board of Pinellas County, Florida, and the School Board of Seminole County, FloridaComment
a. Agreement with Seminole County
5. Request Approval of Amendment to Agreement Between St. Petersburg College Board of Trustees And the School Board of Pinellas CountyComment
a. Consent - SPC Campbell Park Amendment
b. Consent - SPC Campbell Park Agreement (1-29-13)
6. Request Approval of the State of Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program Statewide Provider AgreementComment
a. Consent - VPK Agreement
7. Request Approval of the Health Agreement Between Westminster Suncoast And the School Board of Pinellas CountyComment
a. Consent - Westminster SunCoast Agreement
8. Request Approval of Lease Agreement with WorkNet Pinellas Inc., and the School Board of Pinellas CountyComment
a. Consent - WorkNet Lease Renewal
9. Request Approval of the Agreement with ACT, Inc., Permitting the Use of School Board Facilities as Testing SitesComment
a. ACT Agreement
10. Request Approval of the Renewal of the Agreement with Brookwood Florida Central, Inc. for the Board to Prepare and Paint a Block Wall Between Brookwood Florida Central, Inc., and Campbell Park Elementary SchoolComment
a. Brookwood Agr
11. Request Approval of the Renewal of the Agreement with Special Olympics Florida - Pinellas County Permitting the Use of School Board FacilitiesComment
a. Special Olympics
12. Report to the School Board of Facility Leases, Joint-Use Activities, and Other Community Uses Processed by the Real Estate Department During the Third Fiscal Quarter 2012/2013Comment
a. FacilityUseSpreadsheet.3rdQtr.2012-13
13. Request Approval of Amendment No. 2 to Agreement with Creative Contractors, Inc. for the Addition of $1,748,272 Resulting in a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) of $4,328,479 in Connection with the Renovations of Windows, Storefront, Exterior Doors and Roofing for Building 1, and Painting of Campus at Osceola Fundamental High School, Project No. 9049Comment
a. Osceola Fund HS GMP Amendment 2 to AGREEMENT
14. Request Approval of Amendment No. 1 to Agreement with Renker Eich Parks Architects, Inc. for Architectural and Contract Administration Services in Connection with Pre-School Children’s Center in the Amount of $12,000 Resulting in a Total Project Architect/Engineer (PA/E) Fee of $159,870 at PTEC St. Petersburg Campus, Project No. 4507Comment
15. Third Quarter Submittal of Change Order SummariesComment
a. Copy of SBA-MAINTENANCE CO Summary 3rd Quarter Fiscal 2012-2013
16. Request Approval of Selling the District’s Surplus and Obsolete Equipment on the PublicSurplus.Com Internet Auction SiteComment
a. May 7th Auction Items doc
17. Request Approval of Bids to Vendors at Prices in Bid Documents in Accordance with Bid Policies and StatutesComment
a. Bids May 7, 2013
XIII. Consent Agenda - Items Pulled
1. Consent Item #3b: Amendment (additional time and IDEA-roll forward funds) to the Agreement with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes $21,000.00
XIV. Nonconsent
1. Request Approval of Amendment to Charter School Contract for Discovery Academy of Science Charter School to Change Location of SchoolComment
a. Discovery Academy of Science amendment 050713
2. Request Approval of the Five-Year Charter School Agreement for Plato Academy K-8 Charter SchoolComment
a. Plato Academy K-8 charter amendment 050713
b. Appendix II - Plato Application Clarifications 050713
XV. New Business
A. Items Introduced by Superintendent
B. Items Introduced by School Board Attorney
C. Items Introduced by the Board
D. Review of Board Requests
E. School Board Meeting Evaluation
XVI. Adjournment
Public Comments

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