Pinellas County School Board
Regular School Board Meeting
1/26/2010 5:00 PM
School Administration Building
301 Fourth Street SW   Largo, FL 33770
I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation
1. Reverend Dennis Reid, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 2001 Rainbow Drive, Clearwater, FL 33765
III. Pledge of Allegiance
1. National Anthem
2. Moving Forward With Pinellas County Schools - Magnet Fair
IV. Introduction of Professional and Community Organization Reps
1. Andrea Zahn, Director, Communications
V. Adoption of Agenda
VI. Special Order Agenda
1. Presentation by Student Rights and Responsibilities - Boca Ciega High School
2. Presentation of the Resolution to Recognize Friday, February 5, 2010 as Crossing Guard Appreciation DayComment
a. Resolution - Crossing Guard Appreciation Day
3. Introduction of Newly Appointed AdministratorsComment
4. Recognition of Sally Centner, Florida’s Middle School Counselor of the Year, 2009, Toni Hoge, Florida’s Elementary School Counselor of the Year, 2009 and Recognition of National School Counseling Week, February 1-5, 2010Comment
5. Presentation by the Pinellas Education Foundation, Robin Paulding-McGowanComment
6. Young Heroes Student Award Winners for First Semester 2009-10 - Presented by Andrea Zahn, Director, CommunicationsComment
7. Recognition of the Pinellas County School Related Employee of the Year and Category Semifinalists and Finalists for 2990-10Comment
8. Recognition of Finalists and Semifinalists for the 2009-10 Outstanding Educator Recognition ProgramComment
VII. Unfinished Business
VIII. Consent
1. Approval of Minutes: to Approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 12, 2010; the Special Meeting of January 7, 2010; And, the Board Workshop of December 15, 2009Comment
a. Regular Meeting 1-12-10
b. Special Meeting 1-07-10
c. w09Dec15
2. Request Approval of Personnel RecommendationsComment
a. Jan 26 FINAL Board Agenda Sets A & B
3. Request Approval of the 2010 Legislative Program of the School Board of Pinellas CountyComment
4. Request Approval of Yearbook Bid SelectionsComment
a. Yearbook Expense Items from Internal Funds12610
5. Request Approval of the Student/Staff Calendar for School Year 2010-11 and Special Observance DaysComment
a. Calendar item2010-2011-(a)
6. Request Approval of the Investment Portfolio Financial Statements for the Quarter Ended September 30, 2009Comment
a. Investment Portfolio Quarterly Report 09-09
7. Request Approval of a Water Main and Utilities Easement to the City of Clearwater on the Site of Leila Davis Elementary SchoolComment
a. Easement - Clearwater - Leila Davis
8. Request Approval of a Temporary Construction Easement to the City of Clearwater on the South Side of the Oak Grove Middle School SiteComment
a. Oak Grove Middle - Easement - City of Clearwater
9. Request Approval of the Renewal of the Agreement Between the Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association (PCTA) and the School Board Permitting the Joint-Use of Each Other's FacilitiesComment
a. PCTA Agreement
10. Request Approval of Agreements for Architectural, Engineering, and Contract Administration Services for the Following Projects:Comment
a. A. Dixie Hollins High Agreement - Weber & Tinnen
b. A1. Dixie Hollins HS Agreement - New Format
c. B. Dunedin High - Agreement - Roof Engineering
d. B1. Dunedin HS Agreement
e. C. Garrison-Jones Elementary - Agreement - Griffin Desgin
f. C1. Garrison-Jones Agreement
g. D. Lakewood High - Agreement - Williamson Dacar
h. D1. Lakewood HS Agreement
i. E. Sawgrass Elementary Agreement - Griffin Design
j. E1. Sawgrass Elementary Agreement
11. Request Approval of Change Order No. 2 with HC Beck Ltd. for a Replacement Facility for Tyrone Elementary School Now Known as New Heights Elementary School. This Change Order Will Decrease the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) by $8,066,220.40 with No Time Extension.Comment
a. New Heights El CO #2 GMP decrease form
12. Request Approval of Vehicle Use Agreement to Non-Profit Organization for a Period of One YearComment
a. Hospice VUA
13. Request Approval of Bids to Vendors at Prices in Bid Documents in Accordance with Bid Policies and StatutesComment
a. Bids012610
IX. Consent Agenda - Items Pulled
1. #10 -Agreements for Architectural, Engineering & Contract Administration Service for Five Schools #11 -Change Order No. 2 for New Heights Elementary School
X. Nonconsent
XI. Presentations from the Audience
1. Presentation by Mr. Rudy Caulder
2. Additional Presentations From the Audience
XII. New Business
1. Items Introduced by Superintendent
2. Items Introduced by General Counsel
3. Items Introduced by the Board
4. Review of Board Requests
5. School Board Meeting Evaluation
XIII. Adjournment

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