Pinellas County School Board
Regular School Board Meeting
10/26/2010 5:00 PM
School Administration Building
301 Fourth Street SW   Largo, FL 33770
I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation
1. Pastor Gustave Victor, Dominion Worship Ministries, 2500 Ninth Street South, St. Petersburg, FL
III. Pledge of Allegiance
1. National Anthem
2. Moving Forward With Pinellas County Schools - Superintendent's Proposed Student Achievement Plan
IV. Introduction of Professional and Community Organization Reps
1. Andrea Zahn, Director, Communications
V. Adoption of Agenda
VI. Special Order Agenda
1. Presentation by Student Rights and Responsibilities - Dunedin High SchoolComment
2. Presentation by Dr. Bill Law, President, St. Petersburg CollegeComment
3. The Following Personnel Have Been Appointed to an Administrative Position and Will be Introduced at the October 26, 2010 Meeting of the Board. Background Information is as Follows: Ms. Linda Bayless, Principal, Pinellas Park Elementary Ms. Arlene Corbin, Director, Pinellas Technical Education Center, St. Petersburg Ms. Lisa Freeman, Principal, Cypress Woods Elementary Mr. Kevin Hendrick, Director, High School Education Mr. Reuben Hepburn, Principal, Dunedin High School Mr. Douglas Keimig, Principal, Hamilton Disston Exceptional Student Education Center Ms. Pamela Metz-Easley, Principal, Curtis Fundamental Elementary Ms. Rita Vasquez, Assistant Superintendent, Chief Turnaround OfficerComment
4. Presentation of Five Star Schools, Presented by Dr. Valerie Brimm, Director, Office of Strategic PartnershipsComment
5. Recognition of the Healthy Schools Program Award Recipients Presented By, Peggy Johns, Supervisor, Pre K-12 Health Education and Amanda Gillespie, Relationship Manager, Florida, Alliance for a Healthier GenerationComment
6. Presentation by the Pinellas Education Foundation, Terry Boehm and Robin Paulding-McGowanComment
VII. Unfinished Business
VIII. Consent
1. Approval of Minutes: to Approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 12, 2010; And, the Workshop of September 21, 2010Comment
a. Regular Meeting 10-12-10
b. w10Sept21
2. Request Approval of Personnel RecommendationsComment
a. Oct 26 FINAL Board Agenda Sets A & B
3. Request Approval of Field Trip Bid SelectionsComment
a. Field Trip Bd Agenda 102610
4. Request Approval of Donation of Titled Vehicles to Pinellas County SchoolsComment
a. Vehicle DonationBoardMeeting102610
5. Request Approval of the Financial Statements for the Month Ending August 31, 2010 for Fiscal Year 2010-2011Comment
a. August Combined Financial Statements 2010-2011
6. Request Approval of Renewal Agreements for Dropout Prevention Programs at Department of Juvenile Justice and Community Agency Facilities for 2010-2011Comment
a. Consent - DOP Alpha Program
b. Consent - DOP CCC
c. Consent - DOP Daniel Academy
d. Consent - DOP DJJ Britt House
e. Consent - DOP DJJ JDC
f. Consent - DOP Operation PAR
g. Consent - DOP PACE
h. Consent - DOP Sheriff's Office
7. Request Approval of the 2010-11 School Improvement PlansComment
8. Report to the School Board of Facility Leases, Joint-Use Activities, and Other Community Uses Processed by Real Estate and Concurrency Services During the First Fiscal Quarter 2010Comment
a. Facility Use Report 1st Fiscal
9. Request Approval of Amendment to Agreement and Change Order for the Following Schools:Comment
a. A. Dixie Hollins Roofing Amendment 1 PAE AGENDA
b. A1. DixieHollinsRoofing AMENDMENT 1
c. B. Admin Bldg CO 1 Agenda
d. B1. Admin Bldg CO 1 Form
10. Quarterly Submittals of Change Order SummariesComment
a. A. Change Order 2nd Quarterly Summary
b. B. Change Order 3rd Quarter Summary
11. Request Approval of Bids to Vendors at Prices in Bid Documents in Accordance with Bid Policies and StatutesComment
a. bids 10-26-10
IX. Consent Agenda - Items Pulled
1. #2 pages 38-41
2. Consent Item #7 - Request Approval of the 2010-11 School Improvement Plans
3. Consent Item #9- Request Approval of Amendment to Agreement and Change Order - Dixie Hollins High School and the Administration Building
4. Consent Item #10 - Quarter Submittals of Change Order Summaries - Second & Third Quarters
5. Consent Item #11- Request Approval of Bids to Vendors at Prices in Bid Documents in Accordance with Bid Policies and Statutes
X. Nonconsent
1. Request Approval of Legal Action Against Life Skills Center Pinellas County, Inc., and WHLS of Florida, LLC, Regarding Disputed Property of the Closed Life Skills Center Charter SchoolComment
2. Request Approval of the Charter Application for Newpoint SchoolsComment
a. Newpoint Prep Application 102610
b. Newpoint Prep High School Pinellas Charter School Evaluation 10-26-10
XI. Presentations from the Audience
1. Presentation by Barbara Shepard
2. Presentation by Lorol Brackx
3. Additional Presentation From the Audience
XII. New Business
1. Items Introduced by Superintendent
2. Items Introduced by General Counsel
3. Items Introduced by the Board
4. Review of Board Requests
5. School Board Meeting Evaluation
XIII. Adjournment

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