Pinellas County School Board
Regular School Board Meeting
1/11/2011 10:00 AM
School Administration Building
301 Fourth Street SW   Largo, FL 33770
I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation
1. Pastor Rex Bullock, Cornerstone Community Church, 6745 38th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710
III. Pledge of Allegiance
1. National Anthem
2. Moving Forward With Pinellas County Schools - District Application Programs - Magnet, Fundamental and Career Academy Programs
IV. Introduction of Professional and Community Organization Reps
1. Andrea Zahn, Director, Communications
V. Adoption of Agenda
VI. Special Order Agenda
1. Presentation by Student Rights and Responsibilities - Northeast High School
2. Introduction and Recognition of the 41St Annual Florida Crime Prevention Association President’s Award Recipient. the Presenter is Michael Bessette.Comment
VII. Unfinished Business
1. Recommend Adoption of the Recommended Order of the Administrative Law Judge to Terminate Employment of Ms. Jacqueline Jackson-Lee, Bus Driver, Transportation DepartmentComment
2. Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of Policy 5630.01 - USE OF SECLUSION AND RESTRAINT ON STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES (This is the Second Reading and There Have Been No Changes Since the First Reading.)Comment
a. Policy 5630 01
3. Amendment to Policy 1115 Decentralized Decision-Making
VIII. Consent
1. Approval of Minutes: to Approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 7, 2010; And, the Workshop of November 16, 2010Comment
a. Regular Mtg 12-7-10
b. w10Nov16
2. Request Approval of Personnel RecommendationsComment
a. Jan 11 2011 FINAL HR Board Agenda Sets A & B
3. Request Approval of the Student/Staff Calendar for School Year 2011-12 and Special Observance DaysComment
a. A. Calendar Board Agenda Attachments 2011-2012
b. B. Student Calendar 2011-12
c. C. 10-month Instructional Calendar 2011-12
d. D. 11 5-month Instructional Calendar 2011-12
4. Request Approval of Field Trip Bid SelectionsComment
a. Field Trip Expense Items from Internal Funds 11111
5. Request Approval of Agreement with Apple Inc., for an Apple Authorized Training Center at Osceola High SchoolComment
a. Addendum to Apple Training Ctr Agreement 11111
b. Apple Authorized Training Center Agreement 11111
6. Request Approval of the Recommendation to Suspend Ms. Roseann Sheppard, Teacher, Clearwater High School, for Five (5) Days Without PayComment
a. Sheppard Roseann charge letter suspension
7. Request Approval of the Recommendation to Dismiss Mr. Andrew Brown, Jr., Plant Operator, Gibbs High SchoolComment
a. Brown Andrew charge letter dismissal
8. AGENDA ITEM: Request Approval of the Recommendation to Accept the Stipulation of Agreement to Suspend Ms. Julie Collins, Teacher, Garrison Jones Elementary School for Time ServedComment
a. DOAH-10-9419_32
9. Request Approval of Budget Amendment No. 2 (October 2010) to the District's 2010/2011 BudgetComment
a. Budget Amendment No. 2
10. Request Approval of the Financial Statements for the Month Ending October 31, 2010 for Fiscal Year 2010-2011Comment
a. Revised October 2010 Financial Statements
11. Request Approval of Petty Cash Fund Increase for Paul B. Stephens SchoolComment
12. Request Approval of the Following Special Projects:Comment
a. A. Hlth Clinic Gibbs-11111
b. B. Weatherization -11111
13. Request Approval of a Perpetual Easement to the Florida Department of Transportation on the Site of Largo High SchoolComment
a. Perpetual Easement - Fl. Dept. of Transportation- Largo High
14. Request Approval of Access Easements to Progress Energy on the Site of Melrose Elementary SchoolComment
a. Progress Energy Easement -Melrose Elementary
15. Request Approval of the Supplemental Surveys and Name Changes for the Following Schools:Comment
a. A. Countryside High Agenda Item 01-11-11
b. A1. Countryside HS Supp Survey 01-11-11
c. A2. Survey 4.2 Student Membership 01-11-11
d. B. St Pete High Agenda Item 01-11-11
e. B1. St Pete HS Supp Survey 01-11-11
f. B2. Survey 4.2 Student Membership 01-11-11 (1)
16. Fourth Quarter Submittal of Change Order SummariesComment
a. SBA-Maintenance CO Summary 4th Quarter 2010
17. Request Approval of the Amendment to Agreement and Acceptance of Substantial Completions for Projects for the Following Schools:Comment
a. A. Clearwater HS Amendment No 1 to PAE Agreement AGENDA
b. A1. Clearwater HS Amendment No 1 to PAE Agreement
c. B. Mildred Helms El CSR sub comp agenda - bldg 4
d. B1. Mildred Helms CSR Sub Comp Form - Bldg 4
e. C. Sutherland ES Bldgs 5-6-7 sub comp agenda
f. C1. Sutherland ES Bldg 5.6.7 Sub Comp Form
18. Request Approval of Vehicle Use Agreements to Non-Profit Organizations for a Period of One YearComment
a. Anona Christian Preschool VUA
b. City of Clearwater VUA
c. Solid Rock Community School VUA
19. Request Approval of Bids to Vendors at Prices in Bid Documents in Accordance with Bid Policies and StatutesComment
a. Bids - 1-11-11
IX. Consent Agenda - Items Pulled
1. Consent Item #2 - Personnel Recommendations - William H. Lawrence
2. Consent Item #17 - Amendment to Agreement and Acceptance of Substantial Completions for Projects- Clearwater High, Mildred Helms Elementary, Sutherland Elementary
3. Consent Item #19 - Bids to Vendors at Prices in Bid Documents in Accordance with Bid Policies and Statutes
X. Nonconsent
1. Setting a Public Hearing and Authorizing the Advertisement of the Public Hearing to Consider the Amendment to Policy 5120 - ASSIGNMENT WITHIN DISTRICT (This Item Addresses Changes to the Student Assignment Plan for 2011-2012 Including School Zone Changes for Middle and High Schools. This is the First Reading.)Comment
a. Policy 5120 - 11111
XI. Presentations from the Audience
1. Presentation by Ms. Jennifer SalmonComment
a. Board Presentation Jan 11 2011 Jennifer Salmon
2. Additional Presentations From the Audience
XII. New Business
1. Items Introduced by Superintendent
2. Items Introduced by General Counsel
3. Items Introduced by the Board
4. Review of Board Requests
5. School Board Meeting Evaluation
XIII. Adjournment

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